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Optimise your yard with Collect YMS

The Collect YMS gives a number of advantages for the administration of arriving and departing loading units. Loading units are typically lorries, containers, trailers etc. The operation is tightly integrated with Astro WMS or any other Warehouse Management System.

Collect YMS will give you a better overview, because it keeps track on all movements of vehicles. You will have insight in your dock availability per hour and all important data about drivers, tractor, license plates etc is registered.

With Collect YMS the use of yard tractors will be optimized to minimise empty driving. The tractor drivers are directed to pick-up and deliver, in real time via a screen and this eliminates the need for picking up ordering sheets etc.

The following main tasks are solved in Collect YMS:


This tool gives a helicopter view of current status, which consignments are delayed or which docks are available for a certain time period.

Gatehouse functionality

The gatehouse operator can advise the driver of an arriving loading unit which dock the vehicle should dock to or on which parking location in the yard the vehicle should be parked. The gatehouse operator can also advise which return loading unit the driver should pick up before leaving. Upon arrival or departure the corresponding time is logged, thus verifying that carriers fulfil their contracts.

Yard functionality

The yard is split into parking areas which may contain individual locations or work as an unlimited parking area, all according to customer needs. The Collect YMS has automatic yard location selection functionality for loading units that needs to be parked before docking is possible. When the dock becomes available a movement assignment for the loading unit is automatically generated.

Assignment handling

When a move assignment is created for the yard tractors it is queued up according to priority. The yard tractor then performs the assignments according to their priority. Empty driving is minimized by selecting pick up assignments close to a delivery location.

Carrier pool

This functionality is used to display the amounts of loading units per carrier and loading unit type in the yard. The information is used to order pick up of excess loading units or to order extra loading units, according to current needs.

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  • Optimise the use of the yard tractors by minimizing empty driving.
  • Keep track of all arriving or leaving vehicles.
  • Get a quick overview on dock availability per hour.
  • Track all important data about drivers, tractor license plates, movements etc.

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