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Next high summer season will be memorable for the Czech retailer Sportisimo – all the products will be stored and distributed from a new 90 000 square-meters distribution center in Hrusov near Ostrava. Sportisimo sets the bar high by equipping the warehouse with the latest technologies and automation solutions to continue on holding the position as a market leader in selling sporting goods. Sportisimo are investing in a warehouse management system and warehouse control system from Consafe Logistics – to secure they future proof their warehouse management.

The Czech’s leading retailer in sporting goods announced that they are opening a new distribution center in February 2022. To secure that they will increase efficiency from day one, Sportisimo has partnered up with Consafe Logistics to implement Astro WMS® and Astro WCS®. Implementation of the systems is preceded by several thorough analyzes and meetings with the teams responsible for the project on both sides. It is crucial to understand and plan every process in the warehouse in advance – everything from how the articles is divided in terms of slot types, how the goods are being received and picked, what should be done to minimize distances in pick routes, to what dashboards will be needed. The warehouse, especially when is omni channel, should run like a well-oiled machine, which will serve the customers in stores located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and e-commerce.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue our growth with Consafe Logistics. Our key requirement was to partner up with system supplier who has a holistic approach on the whole supply chain. hat Consafe has experience in working with several large retailers was also very important and valuable to us. Also, the ability of choosing between SaaS and on-premise solution is very attractive – especially in our industry which has several peaks during the year. We are very curious to see the first results which we expect to take part of by the end of 2022.” – says Martin Cabadaj, Logistics Process Manager at Sportisimo

Sportisimo is the first customer operating in the Czech market to implement Astro WMS® and initiates Consafe Logistics’ expansion plans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia market.


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