We know our customers’ needs. In all cases.

To us, and our customers, investing in a WMS is far from a quick buy. It is a process of building trust, sharing industry knowledge, turning every stone to develop the ultimate solution for every situation. From core logic and add-on modules to automation solutions and solution approved hardware. Yes, it takes a bit of an effort to get things right, on both parts. But in the perspective of long-term profitability, it is well worth it. And we have plenty of customer case studies to prove it.

Industry specific solutions for the win.

Until today over 500 global companies have successfully optimized their warehouse operations with our solutions. This means we have experience from all types of industries, and knowledge of the challenges in all steps of the supply chain.

We know that in our business there is no such thing as one size fits all. Every business, and every warehouse, has its own unique possibilities and limitations. Our mission is to help you find a solution that will not only do the job, but develop your business and keep you one step ahead of the competition. And of course, the key to helping you is all the times we have done it before.

Go ahead and learn from the best.

In the customer case studies below we have collected some of our customers´ experiences with Astro WMS. Go ahead, be inspired and learn all about how installation product distributor Ahlsell automated their warehouse and now processes more than 60,000 order lines per day. Or how we helped Tegelgroup Nederland consolidate three distribution centers into a single mega warehouse. Or any of our other successful examples of close customer cooperation.

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