Man v. Machines – Who Wins?

Automation in logistics used to be about reducing labour costs and compressing warehouse space. Now it’s more about helping companies meet demands for ever-shorter lead times to turn logistics into a competitive advantage. Delivering faster requires a degree of automation – there’s only so much you can achieve with more manpower. However, you need to ... Read more »

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How Picking Errors Steal Your Money

Do you know how much picking errors cost your business? According to the Swedish Trade federation, the cost of faulty picking per item is 1,850 SEK (€195). But they’re wrong. The real figure is many times higher because 1,850 SEK only accounts for the direct costs – and there is so much money people don’t ... Read more »

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Løvenskiold Logistikk: Switching to a 1-shift system with Astro WMS

 “In early February this year, Løvenskiold Logistikk switched from a 2-shift system to a 1-shift system. Astro WMS from Consafe Logistics has provided us with important assistance, helping us to streamline picking procedures by 15% and making this change possible,” says operations manager Tony Edmundsson. The upgrade to a new version took place in 2016. ... Read more »

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System Health Check

Reduce time to resolving an issue by 100% System Health Check is an innovative, proactive approach to warehouse operations that helps remove unnecessary disturbances. It’s a set of processes, routines and tools that automatically detect the first hick-up and initiate a solution before it becomes a problem. Higher quality and efficiency in your incident handling ... Read more »

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What’s best for your company?

As more and more commerce becomes e-commerce, the question to ask is does your WMS fit the bill? If not, should you procure one from an external supplier? Or develop your own in-house. This article will hopefully provide you with the answer.

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4 Key technology trends that will impact supply chain execution

The fast pace of the digital revolution is having a profound effect on the supply chain, and will have a disruptive impact in the coming months and years. Here are four trends and how they’ll help companies boost efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Internet of Things: Information integration will streamline the supply chain Internet of Things ... Read more »

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Solution Approved makes sense

It removes risk and gives companies a failsafe system of support and expertise throughout the lifecycle of all hardware and software. With suppliers selling hundreds of different types and variations of hardware, it’s tempting to buy products direct to get the best prices. But the whole supply chain industry depends on computers, printers, barcode readers, ... Read more »

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IC Group’s central warehouse now equipped for the future

IC Group has replaced its old ERP system with Astro WMS. This has produced benefits all round at the 12,500 m2 warehouse in Brøndby, Denmark. Productivity, quality, throughput time, customer satisfaction and capital tied up have all improved. “But the most important outcome is that we’re now ready to face whatever the future holds,” explains ... Read more »

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Moved logistics to Estonia and increased warehouse efficiency

Perfect Home, a home party company headquartered in Oslo, moved all of their warehouse functions to Tallinn, Estonia last year. "We have streamlined the picking process and achieved a significant increase in quality”, said the company’s IT Manager Bjørn Håvar Falck-Andersen. “Timely and breakage-free deliveries to our dealers and customers have strengthened our relationship with ... Read more »

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Extend supports Cloetta from raw material warehouse to delivery

Cloetta is a well-known brand with a strong position in the Swedish confectionery market. The company offers a broad, varied range of high-quality chocolates, sweets and refreshers. Its products include Läkerol, Malaco, Ahlgrens bilar, Kexchoklad, Polly, Center, Juleskum, Plopp and Sportlunch. Cloetta has for a number of years now been using Consafe Logistics’ labelling solutions ... Read more »

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