Your way to seamless warehouse automation

Consafe Logistics and Cimcorp installed an automated system for Carlsberg/Sinebrychoff in Finland that delivered 100% picking accuracy and traceability. The turnkey package including systems, software and modification, seamlessly integrated to take the guesswork out of changing from manual to automated warehouse processes. Complete offer Consafe Logistics and Cimcorp were both part of a project to supply a ... Read more »

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Astro WMS® drives 22 unmanned LGVs at Carlsberg Sweden

Consafe Logistics has a wide experience of automation control, including cranes, track systems and paternoster systems. Now its Astro WMS® has taken control of 22 unmanned LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) at Carlsberg’s Swedish plant in Falkenberg, south Sweden. Every day, Carlsberg Sweden produces more than 1,500 pallets holding different beverages in aluminium cans, PET bottles, ... Read more »

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Fresh food logistics requires speed, flexibility and precision

Arla Foods produces and distributes fresh foods to clients with constantly growing demands on precision, flexibility and speed in the delivery of milk, cheese and butter. To meet these requirements, Arla Foods has chosen to install the Astro WMS (Warehouse Management System) from Consafe Logistics in all Group fresh food terminals within the Nordic countries. ... Read more »

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Fast Tracking Fast Food – traceability means reliability

How do you quickly identify a single bread roll when you make 2 million of them in a day? What do you need to find a single batch of burger buns? Swedish based Lantmännen Unibake can trace the suppliers of the raw materials from an individual package in point of sales in less than 15 ... Read more »

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Eliminating picking errors with a voice-directed solution

"We have reduced our warehouse staffing requirements by the equivalent of three full-time jobs and improved the efficiency of our picking process through the use of a voice-directed picking solution (Pick-by-Voice included in Astro WMS®) from Consafe Logistics," explains logistics consultant Jøran Larssen at TINE Meierier Øst (TMØ) at Kaldbakken. TMØ's Kaldbakken facility has invested ... Read more »

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