Christoffer Ousbäck joins Consafe Logistics to expand sales

To deliver an exceptional WMS solution you need an exceptional team. That’s why we are pleased to welcome self-confessed Logistics Geek Christoffer Ousbäck to our team of sales executives. Creating well-functioning warehouse solutions is important. The real goal is helping businesses save time and money through more efficient processes. That’s why we’re pleased to ... Read more »

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Delta Trans implements advanced warehouse system from Consafe Logistics

Polish Delta Trans purchased Astro WMS® from Consafe Logistics including OpView an advanced Business Performance Management module. This will help to improve logistics processes and create a competitive advantage for the company. Consafe Logistics plans to implement Astro WMS® at Delta Trans during Q4 this year. The modern 110,000 m­­2 logistics centre is based in ... Read more »

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Mikael Sjöberg brings warehouse operations and automation expertise to Consafe Logistics

Technology is revolutionising the logistics industry. That’s why we are excited to welcome new Division Manager Mikael Sjöberg, with his IT and automation expertise as both a consultant and user of Astro WMS®. Mikael has worked in logistics for over a decade and brings long experience in IT and automation. With Mikael on board, we ... Read more »

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Wow your warehouse with hidden Astro WMS® features

The increasing demand for fast delivery and returns combined with cost pressures across the supply chain means logistics companies are constantly looking to optimize operations. Astro WMS® has lots of features people don’t take advantage of that can make a huge improvement to cost and time savings. After all, efficiency is key to maintaining a ... Read more »

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Consafe Logistics strengthens leading positions in the furniture industry

Consafe Logistics Sp. z.o.o has implemented its flagship warehouse management system Astro WMS® at the leading office furniture manufacturer AJ Furniture Factory in Redzikowo, Poland, a company within the AJ Products Group. Launching the system at the factory in Poland is another step in continued excellent cooperation between the factories and warehouse units within the ... Read more »

2018-04-05T13:43:00+00:00 April 5th, 2018|News, Pressrelease|

Consafe Logistics announces new Astro WMS® software release

Utrecht, 15.03.2018 Consafe Logistics today announced the latest software upgrade of Astro WMS®, its market-leading Warehouse Management System used by warehouses and distribution centres worldwide. New features include Trolley functionality, upgraded X2 Mobile client and an OpDoc tool for labelling, documenting and reporting. Astro WMS® already offers a profitable way to master warehouse challenges – ... Read more »

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Experts? Geeks? Or both?

What´s the difference between an expert and a geek? Here at Consafe Logistics we have super-deep, super-specialised knowledge in our field – warehousing. So when other people turn to us for advice, are we experts? Or geeks? The term “expert” is often used in a casual manner by companies trying to seem smart. But what ... Read more »

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Astro WMS increases quality and productivity at Møller Logistikk

Since Møller Logistikk installed Astro WMS (Warehouse Management System) from Consafe Logistics, productivity has increased by 10%, and picking quality by 20%. The only issue was integrating into an older, proprietary ERP. Møller Logistikk performs logistics services for Harald A. Møller AS, the country's largest car importer, and Norwegian dealers of Volkswagen, Audi and Škoda. ... Read more »

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Increase competitiveness in omnichannel retailing through efficient stock handling strategies

Professor Andreas Norrman gives his view on successful strategies to help warehouses perform at their best in an omnichannel world. And even asked the question, “Is it your daughter that always sends goods back?” Omnichannnel retailing offers huge opportunities for companies to sell more and varied goods through more diverse channels. But this is having ... Read more »

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Orvelin Group powers its e-commerce with Astro WMS from Consafe Logistics

Orvelin Group has decided to invest in Astro WMS to meet up increasing demands on fast and accurate deliveries, the foundation of an efficient e-commerce business. Orvelin Group has its focus within three main business areas: retail, real estate and other investments. The retail sector is focusing on our sweet tooth with Gottebiten and Godisfabriken ... Read more »

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