The modern logistics organization operates on fine margins, and relies on optimization, efficiency and outstanding service to stand out from the competition. Automation, when implemented in the right way, can have a significant positive impact on all of these factors, and many more besides. The key is to select the right systems, which are ... Read more »

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- After many years in leading positions at international companies such as SSI Schaefer, Berendsen, and Jungheinrich, Nils Pärletun returns to Consafe Logistics as new Sales and Marketing Director for Sweden. He brings a strong drive and ambition that will help to accelerate the development of Consafe Logistics. With a background as a ... Read more »

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In April, the fruity beverage producer Riedel, based in Ede, implemented the new Astro WMS® from Consafe Logistics. The WMS improves efficiency, but more importantly for Riedel it improves control over the stock, which in part consists of fruity beverages with a limited shelf life. Riedel completed a tender in October 2019, when ... Read more »

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For more than 20 years, NetOnNet has been a part of the Swedish home electronics market, and is now one of the largest retailers in this sector. Serving customers online and instore, logistics play a central role in its success, and any improvement in process or efficiency has real impact on profits. Through effective ... Read more »

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Consafe Logistics and Xcelgo enter partnership to offer a new vision of the future

Consafe Logistics and Xcelgo enters into a long-term partnership to take Consafe Logistics’ warehouse management solution to the next level through detailed visualisations and ‘Digital Twins’. Warehouse management systems exist to make logistics businesses more efficient through sophisticated automation. To increase the efficiency of their already innovative systems Astro WMS® and Astro WCS, ... Read more »

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Partnership with DGOffice helps Consafe Logistics customers deliver with safety

DGOffice is a global expert in dangerous goods management, an area where Consafe Logistics customers often need support. Through this new partnership, Astro WMS® users will benefit from the knowledge and experience provided by DGOffice, combined with our innovative software solutions. Handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials safely is essential for most logistics ... Read more »

2020-01-27T11:12:07+01:00January 27th, 2020|

Logitri look to Consafe Logistics for improved warehouse efficiency

Logitri Oy, a third-party logistics company (3PL) based in Finland, needed to differentiate in an increasingly competitive industry. To achieve that goal, amongst many other initiatives, Logitri opted to work alongside Consafe Logistics to modernize its warehouse operations and maximize efficiency. The 3PL industry is highly competitive, and Logitri is recognized as one ... Read more »

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Abkati chooses Consafe Logistics for a future proof warehouse

AB Karosseritillbehör (Abkati), one of Sweden’s leading importers of vehicle components and details, mainly for commercial trucks, is moving to a new warehouse to help further improve its capacity and distribution capability. In order to fully optimize and future proof its operation, Abkati chose Consafe Logistics and Astro WMS®. As one of Sweden’s largest distributors ... Read more »

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Elektroskandia – Real-world knowledge meets digital expertise

Elektroskandia Norway, part of the Rexel Group, is dedicated to serving customers all over Norway with the best products and solutions. When this electrical goods wholesaler moved to a new warehouse, they worked together with Consafe Logistics to ensure that they could use the purpose-built premises in the best way possible. Through shared knowledge ... Read more »

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Are you shipping unnecessary air?

With the relentless rise of online shopping, more packages are being delivered around the world than ever before. For businesses that ship goods directly to clients, this is mostly a good thing, but the increased demands can give rise to new challenges, like how to quickly choose the right packaging for a product, and ... Read more »

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