Change Management   •   After

From big change to “business as usual”

When your solution has been implemented you will start to work with your warehouse management system. After training, trimming and configuring this will soon be the most natural part of your daily work. When an unexpected change occurs in your process you will be the expert on the new solution.

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Keep the new process and routines alive

It is important to have an organisation everyone knows within the warehouse and to be able to follow up new routines and processes. You not only need to keep the new processes and routines alive, you’ll need to tweak and trim them to become even more efficient.
Tools to use can be:

  • Clear instructions of tasks/responsibilities
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), an easy way to illustrate progress
  • Regular meetings (group meetings) follow-up on progress or problems

Tweak and trim your system

Tweaking your warehouse management system is a process of improving the performance of an application or the quality of its output. In time you will know the system and its possibilities very well—then you can adapt and fine-tune your system by adjusting configuration and parameters by yourself.

Continue with training

It is very important to train end users, and you need to translate the use of the system to an overall training scheme, explaining how to handle different situations. Training should contain activities using the warehouse management system and using it together with other system in your organization.

It’s important to give an overall understanding of the solution and provide tools to handle special situations. For example when something breaks, is misplaced or missing.

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