CL Academy.

On-demand ​| Reusable​ | Cheaper | Availability for all

Why is e-learning a benefit for YOU as a customer?

CL Academy is created and built for your team to learn, adapt and evolve the system knowledge in an efficient way, whenever and wherever. By adding this feature to your training program, the training of the system will be on your own terms.

• To optimize the use of your product
• Introduce new users to the system quickly
• Lower investment on training activities
• Access content continuously and return to specific parts as often as needed
• Confirm system knowledge with certifications

Our offer.


Who is it for? “All” in contact with Astro WMS®, basic users, warehouse workers​

What’s inlcuded: Warehouse concepts and Astro WMS® terminology. Client overview and how to work in a standard Astro​.


Who is it for? Superusers and team leaders who should work with understanding of, testing, troubleshooting, and setting up Astro.

What’s included: Repetition of Astro Basic and how the ERP integration works. How to set up different parts of Astro, from the warehouse location to the flows of goods receiving and goods out.​


Who is it for? Superusers and system administrators of Astro​.

What’s included: Repetition of the Astro Super training and how to set up users, mobile units, printers, change system parameters, and background programs settings.​

Sounds interesting?

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