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ICT & Logistics helps manage growth and change through innovative applications in the field of mechanization and automation in logistics and supply chain.

ICT & Logistics is the annual event where you will find the (ICT) solutions that are needed to efficiently organize and implement your logistics processes. A visit to ICT & Logistics offers logistics professionals a current overview of applications and services for the entire supply chain.

Theme 2019: smart warehousing
Many companies face a complex challenge: how to deal with the digitization of their production and logistics processes? Because what influence do big data, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, cobots and robots have on daily practice?

Systems are interconnected, people and robots work together, data exchange provides more flexibility and efficiency. Every logistics chain will change radically as a result. And the effects of this are visible in every warehouse: smart with technology, smart with energy, smart with space, smart with people. In short, smart warehousing.