Consafe Logistics is dedicated to developing and enhancing its customer offering, and recently took the opportunity to form a partnership with Addimotion, the experts in post-purchase experience for both sending and receiving parties.

This new, mutually beneficial partnership will allow customers of Consafe Logistics to further strengthen their offering to the end customers by a vastly improved supply chain visibility of their warehouse operations and outbound shipments. The solutions from Addimotion are already widely used and always evolving, much like Consafe Logistics’ software, so the visions of the two businesses are aligned and geared towards constantly improving the customer experience, focusing on post purchase communication such as order status, packing status and shipment traceability.

Through this partnership, Astro WMS® customers will be able to get full supply chain visibility, covering every step of the journey from the customer order, through to the warehouse operations, and all the way when the shipment being delivered to the end customer. This helps identify where efficiency of day to day business can be improved and gives the end customer all the information they look for after placing an order.

“We’re excited to develop our solutions alongside Addimotion,” says Patrik Olsson, CPO, for Consafe Logistics. “They have a really interesting vision for how their product will develop, and it fits really well with our vision for Astro WMS®. We’ll develop our products based on our agreed roadmap, which will only improve our customer offerings over the coming months and years.”

Customers can already benefit from Astro WMS® solutions which are enhanced by Addimotion and the improved supply chain visibility, and the solution will continue to evolve alongside the partnership itself.

“That nothing is sold until delivered can any customer agree to. Also, that the fulfillment is the key for where the customer will place the next order. To secure lifetime customer by transparency and efficiency in the whole supply chain start to be the de facto standard in both e-commerce and in the business to business area”, says Robert Clarén CEO Addimotion Services AB.

About Addimotion Services AB

Addimotion has been the European market leader providing a post-purchase service for B2C and B2C market. The innovated cloud service enables the goods owner to take full control over the supply chain own warehousing or using third party service providers for warehousing and transportation. The service collects information from web and order systems, warehouse management systems and all type of transportation management systems including all track and trace information. The information about the customer order fulfilment will be real time visualized and all deviations will be located. One of the outputs is proactive customer communication related to full visibility of the supply chain from order to delivery. The company is based in Sweden and works on a global bases with warehouse and transportations all over the world today.

More information about Addimotion visit , +46 768 53 30 60