Warsaw, 2019-01-30

VIVE Textile Recycling – founded in 1992 – has for many years led textile recycling throughout Poland and Europe. In support of their constant company development, the VIVE group will soon offer third-party logistics and warehousing to customers, and Consafe Logistics is providing the solution to make it happen.

VIVE Textile Recycling – the main business within the VIVE Group – is an organization that has been developing the textile recycling since 1992. The company has led this dynamic industry for years, acquiring experience by collecting raw clothing material, sorting, repackaging and delivering products to their customers,

Over the years, the VIVE Group has built a fleet of over 70 transport vehicles and 700 BDF swap bodies. Moreover, it has refined processes for handling and warehousing products. From this experience, the VIVE Group realized a significant growth potential by offering third-party logistics (3PL).

Supporting its own logistics, as well as future 3PL, the VIVE Group built one of the area’s largest warehouses ­– in the newly-built industrial park, Panattoni Park Kielce. This warehouse provides approximately 26,000 m2 of modern logistics space. The only piece missing was a warehouse management system (WMS) to handle logistics.

Trusting the leader

For their WMS, the VIVE Group approached Consafe Logistics for its flagship Astro WMS® system. Their decision was based on Consafe Logistics’ accumulated 40-year history and experience from over 500 WMS implementations.

Adapting work in the warehouse to the highest market standards was one of our key objectives, directly impacting customer service quality,” explains Igor Jeliński, Managing Director of the VIVE Group. “We are now facing our debut in the 3PL market, which is connected with the need for flexibility, because each industry has its own specificity and a wide range of products.

When implementing new systems there is always concern that current service quality might suffer. Thanks to their implementation knowledge and expertise, Consafe Logistics has been able to configure their Astro WMS® for fluid integration, reducing all potential disturbances of VIVE Group main recycling business.

3PL without sacrifice

Once in place, Astro WMS® will allow the VIVE Group to expand their services effectively, safely and at a lower cost, both in the areas of recycling and in the new field of 3PL services.

The first phase of the implementation project revealed the need for process standardization,” says Marcin Figlarek, Application Consultant at Consafe Logistics. “By exploiting the flexibility and modularity of Astro WMS®, we expect that VIVE group 3PL services will be up and running by Spring 2019.

Last, but not least, when the need for additional functionality arises, the VIVE Group will be able to increase its 3PL potential by implementing any one of numerous pre-existing and forthcoming Astro WMS® modules.

For more information, please contact Marketing Director: sofie.travesset@consafelogistics.com

About the VIVE Group

The Group of affiliated companies – of which VIVE Textile Recycling is the main one – was founded in 1992 and for many years has been a leader in textile recycling. VIVE Group constantly develop the company’s activity in new areas like transport, logistics, optimisation of cost incurred by enterprises or innovative recycling methods. They support sport club PGE VIVE Kielce and VIVE Serce Dzieciom Foundation.

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