Consafe Logistics continues its geographic expansion by establishing operations in Finland. The company is already present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, UK and the Netherlands.

Consafe Logistics is the leading European supplier of warehouse management solutions (WMS/WCS). The company’s strategy is to establish itself with its own operations in 3-4 new geographic markets over the next couple of years. Based on a thorough analysis of the European WMS market Consafe Logistics has pinpointed the most interesting markets and is now establishing Consafe Logistics Finland as the first one in the row.

The Finnish WMS market is very interesting, and during the last years we have seen an increased interest in our products from Finnish customers, and we now already have 8 customers there”, says Patrik Olsson, Chief Product Officer. “By establishing our own operations, we will be able to serve those customers in an even better way. We also see a gap in the market for a provider who can serve warehouses with a bit more advanced processes and customers that want to start automating parts of their operations. I think that being able to proceed with our market expansion regardless of the uncertainty that the corona outbreak causes really shows our strength as a company”, says Patrik Olsson.

HQ of Consafe Logistics Oy is in Helsinki. For more contact information please visit