Craft of Scandinavia AB is a world-renowned sportswear brand of sportwear known for its high-quality apparel across a wide range of sports. We recently went live with Astro WMS® in the warehouse located in Ulricehamn, Sweden. The team at Craft have been looking to acquire a WMS for 10 years, so it was a landmark occasion when the implementation took place.

The journey for implementing Astro WMS® started for Craft of Scandinavia AB in autumn 2019 when the pre-study was held. The pre-study was a great success and the customer was satisfied, so implementation of Astro WMS® started directly after. As for the solution, it is the standard version with some minor changes in ERP integration and some functionality for O2. Craft also chose Consafe Logistics as a supplier for hardware for their forklifts, trolleys and pack stations, which means this was a complete delivery including both hardware and software.

Prior to Astro WMS® the Craft warehouse didn’t have any WMS system at all, and the staff worked with paper-based picking. Once the decision was made to implement this system, the company had carried out fantastic work in introducing change management and preparing their employees for the transition.

The project is still ongoing, but the customer has already sent correspondence expressing sincere gratitude for delivering a successful go-live and directing Craft on the long, interesting and challenging journey of warehouse logistics. With Astro WMS® it sees great opportunities to improve its service to customers all over the world.

The customer told us that our mobile client was easy to learn, and the configuration opportunities in Astro WMS® made it easy to adjust/switch and test solutions quickly without programming. The Craft team also benefitted from commitment and engagement from Consafe Logistics.


We are a product of sweat and pain, of wind and rain, of falling and rising, and the euphoria experienced when pushing endurance limits. Whether at the Olympics or at home, in the woods or in the streets, we always aim for optimal performance. Just like you, our functional sportswear is raised to race.

At Craft we’re dead serious about sports clothing and passionate about every detail that helps you get the most out of your sport. This is why performance is at the heart of the Craft brand. Ever since 1973, when Swedish inventor Anders Bengtsson went out for a run in the very first set of Craft underwear, we have kept people dry and at optimal body temperature in all weather conditions.