Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacts on Consafe Logistics and our Customers

March 18 , 2020

With regards to the situation with Covid-19 Consafe Logistics have implemented proactive actions to secure the health of our employees and the support to our customers. It is also key for us as an employer to take our responsibility to contribute to the overall public health in this situation.

We have implemented a Corona virus policy following the public health recommendations in each market we operate. We have also implemented strict traveling restrictions and directives for all employees to work from home to greatest possible extent. Today more than 90% of our employees are working from home.

Besides the health of our employees the most important thing for us is to secure the support to our customers.

We have all necessary tools in place to maintain our business and the support to our customers without physical meetings. Our support organization are used to working on-line and remote to support our customers and will continue with already implemented processes and tools.

For us it is important to keep the momentum and ongoing projects running together with our customers, supporting them in the best way during this situation. Until the situation is under control we will continue to do so using already in place technologies running all communication and meetings via video, phone, Skype, email and chat functions.

We are continuously monitoring the situation and update our policies based on the development. We also have contingency plans in place for all critical areas ready to act more if needed.

Consafe Logistics are one of the larger WMS suppliers in Europe and we have 350 WMS and logistics experts in the company prepared to support our customers when needed. With this team of expertise and the measures that have been taken we are in a good position to support all of our customers.

We believe that it is more important than ever to keep a close dialogue with you, our customer. Let us together secure that we keep the dialogue going via our digital channels and together manage the situation.

If you have any question or concerns just give us as a call!

Stay safe and take care of each other!
Kent Olsson, CEO Consafe Logistics