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Consafe Logistics provides training solutions that increase the expertise, skills and productivity of professionals within supply chain management.


Our training philosophy is based on the belief that a result giving training session demands experienced, well-prepared trainers, great training material and motivated trainees. We never compromise on our parts, are you motivated enough to join us?

A well-designed competence transfer process

Our trainers are specialists in their field and have long experience as supply chain consultants from different companies and industries. Moreover, they are genuinely interested in both training and your achieved results.

With the help of a large portfolio of learning tools they ensure a fast return on your invested time and money. Our modern approach to learning employs a multitude of delivery media for the training content.

In a well-designed competence transfer process it is more and more a question of “both/and” rather than “either/or”. Classroom training, e-Learning and Virtual Classroom are methods with different strengths and we are considering them carefully for the right time, appropriate content and the right kind of audience.

Tailor made courses

“Just –in-time” education, rather than “just-in-case”.

Your particular system configuration, the target group and the timing decides your company’s specific competence development needs. These are best met by organizing a tailor-made education session.

Together with you, we will careful identify the measurable learning goals, plan the content and agree on the expectation for the course, before our experienced consultant will start preparing to deliver the training in the most effective way.