Exertis, one of the largest and fastest growing technology distributors in Europe, was looking to expand to a new site in the Nordics and scale up as quickly as possible. Amongst other considerations, this meant implementing and going live with an efficient warehouse management system as quickly as possible. Consafe Logistics was able to help by utilizing Express Deployment of its class-leading Astro WMS® software.

As a thriving technology distribution business, Exertis is in ever-increasing demand. To better meet these demands, it needed to expand to a new site and hit the ground running. Through working with Consafe Logistics, it was possible to implement Astro WMS® quickly and efficiently which allowed the business to scale up immediately and increase revenues.

This method of implementation from Consafe Logistics is called Express Deployment, and it makes it possible to deploy the Astro WMS® solution faster than ever before. The solution is deployed with standard settings which help optimize warehouse operations immediately. However, this does not limit the possibility to further tweak and fine-tune the solution after implementation. Furthermore, the richness of functionality and its scalability support the business as it grows in both size and complexity.

It was also essential for the implementation to be done remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and thanks to the effective collaboration between Consafe Logistics and Exertis, this was a smooth process.

“The project was closed in record time” says Alexander Nilsson, Warehouse Manager for Exertis. “This is thanks to efforts of our team and the team from Consafe Logistics. We were able to go live with no bottlenecks and significantly increase our capacity and fulfilment very quickly.”

This effective implementation is also a positive for any future implementations, as Consafe Logistics knows that it’s possible to deploy Astro WMS® in any new location with minimal disruption. As a result, customers and potential customers can optimize their warehouse processes at speed, and benefit from improved efficiency and, ultimately, better performance and profit margins.

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