What´s the difference between an expert and a geek?

Here at Consafe Logistics we have super-deep, super-specialised knowledge in our field – warehousing. So when other people turn to us for advice, are we experts? Or geeks?

The term “expert” is often used in a casual manner by companies trying to seem smart. But what does “expert” really mean? The common view of an expert is someone who has a particular knowledge within a certain field gained from studies and experience that can be used when finding new facts and solving problems.

So geek? What defines a typical geek is their devotion for one particular subject where they know absolutely everything. It’s an obsession. It has to be the newest. coolest, trendiest. Just everything there is to know about their chosen area.

So if you were to paint a picture, and have an expert and a geek standing next to each other, they’d look fairly similar. Maybe the only difference is the length of the beard. They are both specialists within their field and they probably love a cup of coffee in the morning.

But one thing that is different is their perspective on their subject. Geeks have a very narrow, very deep understanding. Experts see their subject in a broader context, constantly challenging their own view with new perspectives.

So what are we here at Consafe Logistics? We’d love to call ourselves a company full of experts. But then we keep spotting geeks all over the place. Joking aside, we believe that the combination of them both is the way to win.

Isn’t it time you met a warehousing geek? Or talked to an expert? Talk to us, Consafe Logistics is full of both kinds.

If you want to find out more about our expertise in all areas of warehousing, or if you’re the new logistics geek in town, contact us today and let’s talk.