What´s the difference between WMS and WCS …. and WES, PLC, and MFC?

The world of warehouse management and automation control is full of abbreviations and definitions. And it is easy to get confused by the contradicting descriptions of capacity and functionality in different types of systems. In this blog post we will try to iron out some of the confusion and answer the question; what do I really need to run my warehouse?

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Today, automated systems are everywhere and have become a natural part of our society. The history of warehouse automation started in the 60’s, with a rapid development into the fully automated warehouse of the 80’s – filled with stacker cranes and pallet conveyors. But what is warehouse automation today, moving far beyond just simple storage and retrieval?

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What drives changes in how you run your warehouse? Ultimately it is the behavior and expectations of your customers. Today e-commerce and omnichannel development drives constantly increasing expectations of wider ranges, higher availability and faster deliveries.

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