Logitri Oy, a third-party logistics company (3PL) based in Finland, needed to differentiate in an increasingly competitive industry. To achieve that goal, amongst many other initiatives, Logitri opted to work alongside Consafe Logistics to modernize its warehouse operations and maximize efficiency.

The 3PL industry is highly competitive, and Logitri is recognized as one of the most reliable and flexible logistics operators in Finland. With three warehouses in the Helsinki area making up a total warehousing footprint of 60,000m2, and a consistently growing business, Logitiri decided to invest in a new Warehouse Management System to help facilitate this growth, with the added benefits of efficiency gains and future-proofing.

For any 3PL business, one key to success is working in a real time environment enabling 100% control with maintained quality, resulting in an increased handling efficiency. Logitri therefore identified opportunities to improve by working with Consafe Logistics and the Astro WMS® system. Through an effective implementation, the business will be able to stand out in a competitive market.

Logitri chose Consafe Logistics because it recognised that Astro WMS® was the optimal solution for today and for the future. As a growing business, Logitri needed to secure a scalable solution which could cope with an increasing demand of automation, and the Consafe Logistics system has a proven track record in this regard.

“Logitri examined various new WMS options,” says Jarno Hanhinen, CEO at Logitri. “We also gathered recommendations from a wide range of industry sectors, and analyzed common needs that companies have. Then we looked at potential software that could cope in a multi-customer environment. Astro WMS was the solution that stood out.”

Another benefit to Logitri is the fact that Astro WMS® will allow for more detailed tracking and follow-up of the warehouse processes. KPI tracking is essential within the 3PL industry within any market. For Consafe, the partnership contributes to continued growth in the country, and offers the opportunity to gain even more experience in 3PL.

Logitri operate 3 warehouses in Finland, all in the Helsinki area, and will implement Astro WMS® in its Kulomäki location first., Potentially, Logitri will utilize the system across the other warehouses in the years to come.

“The 3PL market requires operators to stay on the crest of a wave,” adds Jarno, “and Logitri plans to stay there with the support of our WMS partner Consafe logistics. They offer a best-in-class WMS system which can give the competitive edge to Logitri.”