Lund, 2018-09-04

Consafe Logistics is currently exploring a use case on slotting together with Work includes using algorithms for slotting – how you place goods and which goods are regularly picked together. The company will soon publish results of the work, including benefits gained for the customer.

Logistics will be one of the main areas to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning,” says Patrik Olsson, CPO at Consafe Logistics. “Companies will become more predictive and proactive, greatly reducing warehouse processing times, and will be able to offer consumers richer purchasing experiences.

Consafe Logistics has taken the correct approach entering the area of Artificial Intelligence, where they have identified pains and problems they would like to resolve with AI/ML. This preserves the focus on Business and the results expected over the Technology to use.  No doubt there will be many more exciting use-cases to come, but starting with a low-hanging fruit and easy to understand does nothing but accelerate the process and interest to involved stakeholders. We are very happy to be partners in this first pilot project and do see this as a small first step in a long journey together with Consafe Logistics”  says Martin Börjesson, Partner and Country Manager Sweden at

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