DGOffice is a global expert in dangerous goods management, an area where Consafe Logistics customers often need support. Through this new partnership, Astro WMS® users will benefit from the knowledge and experience provided by DGOffice, combined with our innovative software solutions.

Handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials safely is essential for most logistics businesses, and it’s often an area where support is needed. This is because there are comprehensive regulations that are constantly updated, so external expertise is often required. Consafe Logistics recognises how valuable this is for customers and looked to DGOffice for a mutually beneficial partnership.

DGOffice has more than 25 years of industry experience and has been developing software solutions and services specifically designed to help with the handling, storage and transportation of dangerous goods. This expertise in both the software development and the handling of hazardous materials makes DGOffice the perfect fit for Consafe Logistics.

“We looked at the customer requirements, the processes in place and combined that with the knowledge of both our companies,” states Herman Teering, Managing Director at DGOffice. “This teamwork with Consafe Logistics resulted in a fully integrated solution in Astro WMS® that delivers continued compliance, guidance and convenience for the end users without additional workload.”

“We know that many customers experience difficulties when handling dangerous goods, especially when it comes to applying the regulations in the existing warehouse processes. Often it needs to be managed manually without good system support in a separate flow,” adds Patrik Olsson, Chief Product Officer at Consafe Logistics. “Regulations often change too, and vary from country to country. If customers don’t have the right documentation, carriers can refuse to transport goods altogether. By developing our module alongside DGOffice, we solve these problems.”

This partnership also means that Consafe Logistics is one of the first WMS vendors with full support for dangerous goods activities within the WMS itself. This means that the users of Astro WMS® can always ensure compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

The solution works as an add-on for existing Astro WMS® users and offers a range of benefits for customers who handle and transport hazardous and dangerous goods. These include constantly updated documentation and information on regulations, as well as automatic labeling, documentation and packaging instructions. Subscribing to this module also ensures compliance for all sea and road transport routes worldwide and offers real peace of mind to customers all over the world.


DGOffice B.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and has more than 25 years of experience in developing software solutions and services. Development offices are located in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

Across the globe, thousands of users benefit from DGOffice.net, supporting their transportation, handling, storage, production and trading of dangerous goods each day. With the DGOffice.net software solution, relevant information can be retrieved, and documents can be created and shared easily and efficiently. In one system, a powerful set of tools is provided, which makes it easy to adapt languages, regulations and the many inevitable amendments. To ensure continuous compliance, DGOffice.net is updated constantly.