– After many years in leading positions at international companies such as SSI Schaefer, Berendsen, and Jungheinrich, Nils Pärletun returns to Consafe Logistics as new Sales and Marketing Director for Sweden. He brings a strong drive and ambition that will help to accelerate the development of Consafe Logistics.

With a background as a mechanical engineer, and a glowing passion for sales and marketing, Nils Pärletun has built his career on combining the best of two worlds; a deep technical knowledge and a true understanding of how to build long term customer relationships.

“Maybe that makes me a bit different”, says Nils. “Sales people usually have a background in business, and engineers are the tech-nerds. I am both.”

20 years ago, Nils Pärletun started his career as a consultant with Consafe Logistics in Lund. And now he returns, as new Sales and Marketing Director for Sweden.

“Of course, Consafe Logistics is a different company today, even more professional and with a stronger offering. However, it is still like coming home, with values I share, a great atmosphere and a focus on sales and marketing, where we are all pushing each other to continuously improve” says Nils.

In his new position Nils Pärletun intends to contribute to Consafe Logistics´ ambitions to always deliver superior customer value. Based on his previous cross-function experience he will work to develop a stronger customer-centric sales culture across the company, where value for the customer’s customer always is a main priority.

“Nils has a strong combination of sales, marketing and logistics experience. With his drive and ambition to move the company forward and his Consafe Logistics heart, I believe that he will challenge us and evolve the company both in the market and internally” says Maria Rang, MD, Consafe Logistics, Sweden

We wish Nils welcome to Consafe Logistics!