In September 2020 Consafe Logistics is opening its new operations in Finland, with Pekka Lehtinen as Managing Director. With over 12 years of experience from the logistics industry Pekka brings with him a true customer-centric approach and he looks forward helping Finnish companies into the future of logistics:

The Finnish logistics sector is facing new challenges and opportunities due to increasing digitalization, automation and rapidly changing global trends in transport and goods delivery. In Finland, as in all other countries, there is more and more competition from abroad since international shipping today mean quick deliveries. Here’s where Consafe Logistics comes in. By optimizing our customers’ warehouse operations, we can help them gain efficiency and make the last mile shorter”, says Pekka Lehtinen.

Pekka Lehtinen has previously worked as a Sales Director at Bring Finland and at FedEx Express where he was responsible for sales in the Nordic-East district. During that time, he mastered how to ensure that all the processes connected to logistics sales run smoothly. He stresses the importance of always looking through the eyes of the customer.

If you want to stay competitive, you need to be quick. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding in their expectations for product deliveries. I believe that Finnish logistics is in an era of profound transformation. And I am really keen on to being part of that evolution, helping Finnish companies develop truly customer-centric logistics”, says Pekka Lehtinen.

He has been following Consafe Logistics for some time and looks forward to developing the business in Finland.

What I especially like about Consafe Logistics is the commitment everyone shows, the professionalism that permeates the entire company and the respect that people have for each other”, says Pekka. “I remember being really impressed when Consafe Logistics recently won The Employee Experience Award 2019 in the category Greatest Change Journey. For me, that was true evidence of creating employee engagement.”

Consafe Logistics already has customers in Finland, but we see a great growth potential with many providers looking for smart warehousing solutions”, says Pekka. “I want to be part of their success story. Business is all about relationships, understanding your customers and serving them beyond their expectations. If we focus on our customers’ success, I believe we too will be successful.”

We wish Pekka all the best in his new role with us.

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