OTIF na poziomie 99,47 proc. po wdrożeniu WMS

Pomimo niewielkich rozmiarów aparatu słuchowego to jego magazynowanie stanowi jeden z kluczowych elementów w łańcuchu dostaw DGS Poland. W 2014 r. kompleks produkcyjny firmy w Mierzynie został rozbudowany o zautomatyzowane Centrum Dystrybucji, które operacyjnie działa od 2015 r. Poza główną rolą CD, czyli eksportem wyrobów gotowych do ponad 130 krajów świata, obiekt pełni również funkcję ... Read more »

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WMS and LEAN helps Sanistål reduce inventory by 45%

“I daren’t think about where we would be today if we hadn’t implemented WMS and carried out LEAN-based development of processes, management and culture,” says factory manager Claus Hjerrild at Sanistål, manufacturing supplier for the constructions industry. “A reduction of the capital tied up in inventory by more than 300 million kroner has made a ... Read more »

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Auping improves operations and increases productivity

Bed manufacturer Auping annually provides many new customers around the world with a pleasant night’s rest. The parts for all those beds are picked, combined and dispatched from a warehouse in Deventer, the Netherlands. Since 1 February 2010, the warehouse operations have been directed by means of Astro WMS, by Consafe Logistics. The number of ... Read more »

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Entirely created for the particular Blancpain Rate Control Chronograph, a new very specialized oscillating fat within fake rolex rhodium-plated gold additional enhances the general efficiency from the movements. This kind of raised five-arm blades will be influenced simply by racing-car wheel rims.