Ahlsell automates its supply chain with Astro WMS® white box

Nordic-based technical wholesaling company uses the Astro WMS® white-box solution to gain economies of time and scale while choosing the most suitable automation equipment provider when automating warehouses throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics. Ahlsell is one of the largest technical wholesale companies in the Nordics and has operations in the Baltics, Russia and Poland. With ... Read more »

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Slotting: Are you putting the right things in the right place?

By looking at goods flows and sorting articles into ABC classifications, HAGEMEYER Germany expects to raise productivity in its Berlin DC by up to 30%. The company saw a 9% increase in just one afternoon using slotting. HAGEMEYER Germany, a leader in the professional distribution of products and services for the energy world, has successfully used ... Read more »

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Brafab goes from paper to perfect with Astro WMS®

Swedish Brafab has gone from using an older system of Excel sheets for warehouse management to state-of-the art features in Astro WMS®. The result? Twice the speed of picking order lines with 100% accuracy. As well as more satisfied customers and happy salespeople. Brafab sells furniture for outdoor living in patios, garden, poolside and balcony, ... Read more »

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Since Møller Logistikk – increased productivity and picking quality

Since Møller Logistikk installed Astro WMS (Warehouse Management System) from Consafe Logistics, productivity has increased by 10%, and picking quality by 20%. The only issue was integrating into an older, proprietary ERP. Møller Logistikk performs logistics services for Harald A. Møller AS, the country's largest car importer, and Norwegian dealers of Volkswagen, Audi and Škoda. ... Read more »

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Norengros Ålesund doubles picking efficiency with Astro WMS

Norengros Ålesund, Ødegaard Engros AS has doubled picking efficiency at its new 7,500 sqm warehouse by introducing the Astro WMS warehouse management system, voice picking, new forklifts and shelves. Ødegaard Engros AS, a leading supplier of consumables to industry and the public sector in central Norway, moved their warehousing facilities from Skarbøvik to Flisnes, about ... Read more »

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Studium przypadku SKF: system WASS w praktyce

Lokalizacja w Tongeren powstała w 1994 do celów dystrybucji części zamiennych. Rok później został wdrożony tam system WMS. Europejskie Centrum Dystrybucji (EDC) z 45000m powierzchni magazynowej, wykorzystywane jest zarówno do dostarczania towarów do dystrybutorów SKF, jak również do operacji logistycznych dla klientów zewnętrznych. System WASS obsługuje przyjęcie towarów, uzupełnianie, pobieranie, pakowanie, załadunek i kontrolę zapasów. ... Read more »

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Z systemem Astro WMS firma Helly Hansen oczekuje wzrostu efektywności na dwóch kontynentach

Firma Helly Hansen będzie wdrażać system Astro WMS Consafe Logistics w dwóch centrach dystrybucyjnych w Holandii i USA. Norweska marka odzieżowa znana ze swoich ubrań i butów przeznaczonych do chodzenia na zewnątrz zakupiła ten system zarządzania magazynem, aby zwiększyć efektywność w obu centrach dystrybucyjnych. Wsparcie systemu Astro WMS w zakresie kompletacji strefowej, przeplatania zadań, planowania ... Read more »

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Moved logistics to Estonia and increased warehouse efficiency

Perfect Home, a home party company headquartered in Oslo, moved all of their warehouse functions to Tallinn, Estonia last year. "We have streamlined the picking process and achieved a significant increase in quality”, said the company’s IT Manager Bjørn Håvar Falck-Andersen. “Timely and breakage-free deliveries to our dealers and customers have strengthened our relationship with ... Read more »

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Veritas streamlines complex operation with Astro WMS

Veritas operates 123 stores selling fashion accessories and small wares in Belgium and Luxembourg, each of which must be supplied twice a week. A sophisticated operation with push and pull flows has been set up to handle this challenging task at the company’s new distribution centre at Tisselt. Thanks to Astro WMS, the Belgian retailer ... Read more »

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