In October 2020, Consafe Logistics established a new operation in France to further strengthen its offer in central Europe, focusing on France, Benelux and the Netherlands. Remy Malchirand joins as Managing Director for Consafe Logistics Central Europe and will oversee the growth of the business in the territory. This recruitment, along with the new presence in this location, are important steps towards Consafe Logistics becoming the number one WMS provider in Europe.

Remy brings extensive experience in this regard, having driven Manhattan’s WMS growth in southern Europe for the last 17 years in his role as Managing Director of the region. Before that, he worked at Accenture France, and as a result has more than 20 years of experience in supply chain logistics covering everything from planning (ERP, inventory optimization) to execution (WMS, OMS) and digital transformation.

“I am honoured to take this position and fully committed to strengthen Consafe Logistic position in Central Europe,” says Remy. “We have a solid background and a strong presence here in Central Europe, and I believe we can bring a lot of innovative solutions to a fast-changing market. Consafe Logistics has very strong expertise in the field of warehouse management, together with automation and robotics, and working with leading manufacturers, retailers or e-retailers. I look forward to developing these partnerships.”

Remy also has extensive experience in forming partnerships with Tier1 customers, and looks forward to using all of this knowledge to help achieve the ambitions for Consafe Logistics in central Europe. He has been following the business for some time, and now looks forward to the opportunity to lead the expansion in this territory.

“Consafe Logistics has become the preferred choice for warehouse management systems, in several European countries,” says Kent Olsson, CEO of Consafe Logistics. “We have a dominating position in Europe, and are on the right track to become the European leader when it comes to Warehouse management systems. I am sure that thanks to the strengthening of our team in Central Europe, our share in this growing and strategic important market will consistently increase. Good luck to Remy who brings a lot of value to our organization with his background and market experience.”