Effect Warehouse is a competent and cost-effective standard product designed for small and medium sized warehouses. Today only available for excisting customers.

Larger warehouses and distribution centers has for many years used Warehouse Management Systems to make their logistics more efficient. Effect Warehouse makes that possible also for small and medium sized companies. The modern technology with barcodes, wifi teminals and voice picking technology, with total control over work and flows in the warehouse, is all possible.
Effect Warehouse gives you an operative tool for the warehouse activities communicating the exact results to your ERP system where quality and control are the key-words. A standard software package, simple and fast installation on a robust and reliable platform minimizes the total cost for the installation.
Effect Warehouse has a modular design and includes receiving, put-away, order processing and shipments. The system also includes support modules for Inventory Management and easy ERP interfacing. Effect is available on Windows server using the SQL-server.