Highly automated warehouses with more complex goods handling require systems that can handle complex decision-making logic. Astro WCS manage mixed material flows of individual items, cases and pallets within goods handling automation.

Consafe Logistics Warehouse Control System (WCS) integrated with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) exchanges business logic between the systems and automates goods handling in real-time.

Astro WCS gives you the freedom to choose goods handling automation from any manufacturer. And avoid being locked in to one manufacturer if you want to expand your goods handling automation with equipment from other suppliers.

Astro WCS has a plug-in architecture that integrates with all modern goods handling automation equipment, and has predefined integrations for most.

A solution based on Consafe Logistics Warehouse management System and Warehouse Control System secures that you can operate with the same setup and logic in both your manual and automated part of your warehouse. Furthermore it secures that you only need to make development in one system and that you can make use of this development in the whole warehouse.

Solution with simply Astro WMS®

Astro WMS talking the ERP and the Automatic Equipment in the warehouseAstro WMS® increases efficiency in warehouses, helping you gain total control over performance, forecast in real-time and ensure full traceability. It makes introducing automated processes seamless and easy, offering complete flexibility and opportunities for expansion.

Solution with Astro WMS®+WCS

Astro WMS talks to the ERP and Astro WCS. Astro WCS governs the automatic equipment.By adding Astro WCS to the WMS you control advanced automation installations. It’s easy to add new equipment to Astro WCS as your needs grow, and as new innovations hit the market.