40 years of customer collaboration.

From the mainframe era of the 70’s to today’s connected world, the story of Consafe Logistics wouldn’t exist without our customers. Through the years we have helped hundreds of customers to improve their business. And they have helped us to push the boundaries in our development, again and again.

We may be experts in warehouse management, but nobody knows their business better than those who live with it every day. That’s why we always work closely with our customers, to make sure our solution fits the unique challenges they face. With one new warehouse installation per week we have developed in-depth knowledge and expertise from a wide range of industries – an experience we are more than willing to share with you.

Warehouse Manager walking in a warehouse

Customers’ service level expectations were rising rapidly,
so this forced us to make even more use of the potential of Astro WMS®.

Roberth Karlsson, KW Bruun

Together for better customer delivery experience.

In recent years e-commerce and omnichannel strategies have fundamentally changed the scene for logistics and warehouse management. Constantly rising consumer demands for fast, trackable and accurate deliveries every time give no room for mistakes in the supply chain. This, in turn, makes knowledge and previous experience more important than ever in any warehouse management project.

With us as partner your company can take advantage of features and functionality already tried and tested by others, not having to reinvent the wheel every time your business evolves. Without our close customer relationships developments such as pick-by-voice, smart box calculation, and non-reserving logic would never have been a reality.

Whatever industry you’re in, so are we.

With our experience we are ready for any challenges, no matter what your business is. From meeting the demands for quality and safety in fresh food logistics to reducing inventory and preventing overproduction in manufacturing. Our customers can be found in all parts of the supply chain, such as wholesale, retail, and 3PL. In other words; Whatever you’re about to do, we have probably done it before.

Looking for references?

More than 500 customers globally have successfully optimized their warehouse operations using our solutions.


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