Total supplier Reinders-Oisterwijk, with a total range of around 12,000 products, including educational materials and furnishings, to primary schools and childcare, switched to a new online shop, a new CRM, a new ERP system and Astro WMS® in January. Marjolijn Bertens, Logistics Team Leader, looks back on the exciting period with satisfaction: “It is certainly a success, we have hardly had any issues in the first month.”

Reinders has built up a stable position on the education market for almost 50 years. Marjolijn: “Our goal is to unburden schools with as much as possible. They can order 12,000 items through our webshop, and  9,000 of them are always in stock. This includes, of course, a lot of learning materials, but beyond that our products ranges from adhesive sticks to furnishing, from play equipment to software packages. The online shop, the ERP system and our WMS must function as one well-oiled machine. It was in line with our growth ambitions to implement everything in one Big Bang at the same time. It is certainly more exciting, but if you have reliable partners and good communication, you gain enormous efficiency. Above all, we wanted to keep it very practical, for ourselves, but especially for our customers. They want to be primarily concerned with education, and not stock management. ” Lead consultant Sander Adriaensen of Consafe Logistics: “Implementing four new systems in one go is certainly a risk. But because Reinders had put together a strong team internally, we were able to work very effectively. The total duration of the project was less than a year. In my opinion, it’s a best practice.”

The month of January was a deliberate choice. Marjolijn: “The biggest peak of our business is in June and July, when the summer holidays start and schools place their orders for the next school year. January is traditionally a quiet month. The new system had a 99% functionality already in the first month. Orders from customers via the online shop were properly received in the WMS, there were hardly any errors when picking and delivering orders. Packing is also very important in our logistics process. All items packed into a box are automatically weighed and measured. If the order in the box is complete, the weight must be correct. That went well in 99% of the cases. We are happy with Astro WMS˚. The Consafe Logistics package is so complete that you hardly need any customization anymore. For example, it was very important to us that the intelligent box calculation already was included as standard. The WMS works optimally with the online shop and with administrative processes, for invoices and returns for example.”

Now that the whole new system has been running for a number of weeks, Marjolijn has noticed that her role is changing: “There are so many possibilities for analysis and monitoring in the system that I can manage much more on peaks and slow periods, for example. You can follow all actions on the floor. We really have the feeling that we are completely future-proof now!”

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