Breda, 31 January 2020 – Warehouse management specialist Consafe Logistics announces that Riedel is optimizing their logistics processes in its distribution center, located in Ede, Netherlands, by utilizing Astro WMS®. Riedel, the Dutch market leader in fruity beverages, is currently implementing the system to replace the limited logistical functionality in their company-wide ERP system, and opted for Consafe Logistics because of their pragmatic approach and the flexibility of the solution.


With a passion for fruit, Riedel produces and supplies well-known beverages such as Appelsientje, CoolBest and DubbelFriss. As a production partner they also supply to a number of private labels.

“After we became independent, we started to manage all logistics processes with a company-wide ERP system,” says project manager Bas Nas. “However, due to our successful growth, we encountered a number of limitations with our warehouse management system. We needed to find a solution, so we started looking for a WMS with flexibility, good functionality and potential for expansion. Astro WMS® from Consafe Logistics met these criteria, so that was the best option for us. They pro-actively worked alongside us from the first contact, acting pragmatically and quickly. We also spoke to a number of references that confirmed both the knowledge and experience of Consafe Logistics.”


“Riedel is a well-known Dutch company with a rich history and strong ambitions for growth” says Henk-Jan van Donkelaar, Chief Sales Officer of Consafe Logistics. “We are pleased that they have chosen Consafe Logistics as a partner for optimizing their logistics processes. Both companies fit together well in terms of culture, and we both have a long-term vision focused on possibilities for process improvements and innovations. In addition to the implementation of Astro WMS®, we are also integrating our software with the existing ERP system used by Riedel, and will ensure that all warehouse staff can work efficiently with it.”

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With almost 200 employees, Riedel is a medium-sized company based in Ede. The company produces fruity beverages from the well-known brands Appelsientje, coolBest, DubbelFriss and some private labels and is the market leader in the category of fruity beverages in the Netherlands. Since 2017, Riedel has been owned by the Dutch investment company Standard Investment.


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