Consafe Logistics and Cimcorp installed an automated system for Carlsberg/Sinebrychoff in Finland that delivered 100% picking accuracy and traceability. The turnkey package including systems, software and modification, seamlessly integrated to take the guesswork out of changing from manual to automated warehouse processes.

Complete offer
Consafe Logistics and Cimcorp were both part of a project to supply a robotic order picking system for Carlsberg’s Sinebrychoff facility in Finland. By combining their expertise the companies offered a straightforward, seamless integration between the Carlsberg ERP system via Astro WMS®, and a connection between Astro WMS® and the Cimcorp WCS and automation equipment.

The solution handles and loads dollies and other types of load carriers in the beverage industry. Goods automatically picked and loaded include pallets, dollies (wheeled quarter pallets), mini-dollies (for smaller shops and kiosks), single cases and kegs.

Immediate improvements
Since implementation, the system has proved to be flexible and scalable in terms of number of SKUs, type of packages and capacity. It ensures 100% picking accuracy, 100% product traceability, and provides flexibility for future changes.

Our two Companies’ experiences, products and skills complement each other perfectly” , says Patrik Olsson, CPO at Consafe Logistics. “Our Astro WMS®  simplifies and streamlines the work process both in the manual and automated part of the warehouse sending tasks for the Cimcorp WCS system to execute through their automation equipment. Together we offer simple, efficient and reliable system integration.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in automation,” says Kai Tuomisaari, Vice President, Sales at Cimcorp. “We provide everything such as equipment and control systems and Consafe Logistics complements the package with their unrivaled expertize in WMS and ERP interfacing. What we found was together we provide standard interfacing, making integration – and upstart times – simple and fast.”

Complete automation package
Consafe Logistics and Cimcorp together offer a turnkey package including systems, software and modification. With excellent references from a professional customer base, they take the guesswork out of changing from manual to automated warehouse processes.

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