As reliance on more advanced technology increases, it’s becoming more and more common for logistics businesses to have to handle what are classed as dangerous goods. Even the products that we carry in our pockets and bags every day contain lithium batteries, which are classified as hazardous. To meet regulations around this can be challenging, but the new add-on from Consafe Logistics streamlines and simplifies the process.

Together with DGOffice, Consafe Logistics now offers a Dangerous Goods add-on for Astro WMS®. This add-on makes it easy to ensure compliance with regulations surrounding the handling of dangerous goods, and the support it provides can eliminate risks connected with safety, health and the environment.

Without the right systems and procedures in place for the handling of hazardous goods, business can leave themselves open to heavy fines, as well as the increased costs of administrative work around the dangerous items. The add-on module from Consafe Logistics ensures this doesn’t happen.

Handling the Dangerous Goods on a tablet

“We believe this solution can besides make life easier for our customers, present new opportunities,” says Mikael Brorsson of Consafe Logistics. “Our solution makes handling dangerous goods as easy as handling anything else, saving time and money in the warehouse. This means it’s possible offer a wider range of services around hazardous goods without any potential financial risk, as it’s fully integrated into the rest of the workflow.”

This integrated add-on ensures that relevant documents are up-to-date, and that any goods marked hazardous are supplied with the right labelling in order to meet UN classification as well as international regulations. It ensures compliance thanks to the way it receives information, which is passed from the UN who give a ‘dangerous goods classification code’ for articles received from ERP, which then gets additional info added to it from DGOffice. Regulatory compliance is then checked, followed by a declaration document request. As it’s all connected and digital, all relevant information is always up to date.

“With this Astro WMS® add-on,” explains Mikael Brorsson, “logistics businesses will experience a wide range of benefits. First, they will be able to avoid the unnecessary expenses and potential fines that come with handling dangerous goods. Second, they will be able to see an increase in operational efficiency, as the add-on handles everything digitally. Third, they will be able to fully optimize income based on hazardous goods handling, as the risks are negated with this software. It’s a digital add-on that will facilitate in the real world of dangerous goods.”

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