UP AND RUNNING IN 60 DAYS with Astro WMS® Express

Astro WMS® Express, a deployment package based on pre-defined processes and a pre-configured system giving you a fast Astro WMS® warehouse set-up, within 60 days.

With our logistics expertise, based on 40 years of best-practice processes, we’ve created a simplified, easy-to-use version of our Astro WMS® core, that is flexible, scalable and fast to implement. With our system package set-up it’s easy to upgrade, fast to evolve, prepared for our solution approved hardware and well defined deployment process available for Cloud and on-site solution.


The Consafe Logistics Astro WMS® Express is a pre-configured WMS deployment that is perfect for smaller warehouses (10-50 users) and hubs– in all industries – looking to gain quick and full control of their operations and capture a competitive edge. It is tailored for Warehouses with standardized processes and limited use of goods handling automation.

With Astro WMS® Express we deliver and implement a software solution for your warehouse using our best practice processes that has been defined by our experts, based on our world-class Astro WMS® core.

It is a highly configurable Warehouse Management solution which means that you can get a very efficient system set-up and at the same time get a system that support your logistic processes in the right way to get better control and efficiency in your Warehouse.

Being pre-configured by Consafe Logistics supply chain experts, Astro WMS® Express retains the full flexibility and scalability of Astro WMS®. As customer companies grow, existing and forthcoming WMS modules are easily and quickly integrated. Our solution includes pre-defined processes, pre-configured Astro WMS® system, solution approved hardware and a well-defined deployment process. Everything you need to secure that the customer is successfully up and running within 60 days.

With Astro WMS® Express, Consafe Logistics offers a simple, powerful and easy-to-upgrade solution for managing, optimizing and evolving the performance of every warehouse – matching the speed of your business.

Available in cloud or on-site solution.

Graph showing Astro WMS® different layers and future proof by two new releases per year


Astro WMS® is upgraded with new, innovative functionality twice a year. Its structure ensures that you can perform upgrades without impacting on any customization you may have implemented. With a low total cost of ownership, Astro WMS® proactively helps you excel in your market.


Astro WMS® is scalable and modular, suitable for warehouses and distribution centers of different sizes and with different demands. Our base modules include all necessary support for running efficient warehouse processes. They offer the benefits of starting with our best practice process built into a solid WMS.

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If you need to extend functionality to your warehouse processes, you can build upon our Advanced Modules. These include new picking technologies such as voice control, automation, and modules that facilitate complex warehouse processes. Which module is right for you?

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