Reduce administration costs and allocate resourses efficiently! WorkForce Planner helps you monitor the current work situation in your warehouse and generate forecasts. Keep track of staffing needs, available staff and their various forms of employment and competences, planned absence and notified sick leave, equipment and what equipment requires what competence. WorkForce Planner avoids errors by loading personnel records from your personnel system.

With WorkForce Planner tailored to suit the planning of the work at the warehouse and distribution centre, it becomes easier to manage the daily planning. Shared pools of personnel and equipment can be used more flexible.
Planning is based on personnel linked to a specific department. If that department is short staffed, Workforce Planner defines skills and lets you use staff from other departments or hire hourly paid staff.

“There are many planning tools on the market,
but none that are tailored to the circumstances prevailing at the warehouse or the distribution centre. Instead, they are often closely linked to the process industry. We felt that they did not comply with our needs in a sufficiently good manner”

Rose-Marie Oldebring, Project Manager for logistics at Elgiganten.