Driving a sustainable business operation  

By 2030, 1.3 billion new people will join the consumer class1, putting supply chains under constant pressure to deliver more, better, and faster.  

 To achieve global climate goals, provide healthy workplaces for employees, and meet the growing demand for consumer goods, all companies in the supply chain must run a sustainable business. Warehouse management plays a crucial part in this process. 

  Our mission is to enable global companies to operate a sustainable and efficient supply chain that delivers a superior customer experience through a long-term partnership. 

The three foundations of our sustainability program  

Based on the UN 2030 Agenda and the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), our sustainability program focuses on three areas: sustainability for our employees, customers, and the environment.

Sustainability for the environment

As a software development company, we use smart algorithms to create a high impact. Astro WMS® functionalities support environmentally friendly warehouse operations in many ways, e.g., by choosing the right packaging, improving fill rates in trucks, and driving the most optimal route in the warehouse when picking, thus reducing our customers´ carbon footprint. As for our corporate operations, we use 100% renewable energy in all our offices and aim to ensure sustainable procurement, travel, and waste management.  

Sustainability for our employees

 As a knowledge-based organization, the talent and skills of our employees are essential to our success. Providing them with a long-term career path is one of the main pillars of our sustainable operation. We aim to become the most attractive workplace in the supply chain industry by 2028. 

Sustainability for our customers

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We support our customers´ long-term financial growth and goals through innovation and lasting partnerships. We invest 13% of our annual revenue in research and development and are committed to working closely with our customers in creating cutting-edge WMS solutions. From 2022, we are tracking KPIs such as customer churn and satisfaction to measure the customer perspective better. 

Supporting your sustainability efforts with our WMS software Astro WMS®

The sustainable warehouse is all about using what we have more thoughtfully and thereby reducing the number of resources needed to run our business. The goal of Astro WMS® is to help you optimize your supply chain operations, both inside and outside the warehouse. This makes warehouse management a vital tool for meeting sustainability challenges. 

Reducing errors, optimizing picking and storage, reducing the amount of air in packaging, and making return handling more effective are all measures that increase profitability. As well as reduce environmental impact and improve workplace conditions. And for us at Consafe Logistics long-term sustainability is always a priority in the development of Astro WMS®.

Discover how our WMS solution meets the demands of a sustainable supply chain