System Health Check

Reduce time to resolving an issue by 100%

System Health Check is an innovative, proactive approach to warehouse operations that helps remove unnecessary disturbances. It’s a set of processes, routines and tools that automatically detect the first hick-up and initiate a solution before it becomes a problem.

Higher quality and efficiency in your incident handling

One of the most common incidents reported in a logistics environment is “error in transactions from other systems.” It is more than 30% of the incidents handled by our Service Desk. By implementing System Health Check, you can reduce the time to notice – and consequently act on a possible problem – by 100%.

When an incident occurs, a case report is sent to our help desk including details about how to solve it. We immediately start to solve the incident using the description attached to the case. It totally removes the need to experience any symptoms of a problem before reporting it to us.

How it works

System Health Check contains an Application Message Manager (AMM), a message broker directly connected to our Customer Services. AMM receives technical messages from our applications and transforms them into readable messages. This allows us to act faster and be more precise when a specific issue occurs on-site. In other words, the application has the ability to alert either the Consafe Logistics  Service Desk or your own technicians when an incident happens.
Automatically generated solution description

One of the key features with AMM is that every issue is automatically accompanied by a solution description that helps responsible parties resolve any issue immediately, raising support efficiency and lowering customer risk.
Using unique, pre-defined error IDs allows us to document and manage issues in a rational way. It also gives us global statistics to help us learn more about our products and customers, building the foundation for continued learning and finding better ways to support you.

Get System Health Check

System Health Check is an add-on service to your existing support agreement. It’s the smart way to shorten the timespan between something happening and the responsible person being notified.

For more information about System Health Check, please send an e-mail to your contact at Consafe Logistics or

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