Dutch floor and wall tile wholesale giant, Tegelgroep Nederland, prepares to consolidate its operations into a single mega warehouse and Astro WMS® has been paving the way since 2017.

In January 2017, Tegelgroep Nederland decided it was finally time to consolidate three distribution centres into a single mega warehouse.

Much of the reasoning behind this consolidation can be traced to changes in the floor and wall tile industry. In particular, manufacturing techniques and innovations that now allow for newer, larger ceramic tile and flooring sizes. fact, since 1995, tile sizes have more than doubled. Wall tiles of 30 x 100 cm and floor tiles of 120 x 120 are no exception anymore nowadays.

These size – and weight – increases have dictated changes in warehouse logistics; not only is more space required, the way products are handled has also changed dramatically.

Having our products in three warehouses creates some logistical nightmares,” states Frank van der Weide, Director of Operations at Tegelgroep Nederland. “With everything in one location, not only will transportation costs be reduced, so will the cost of extra loading and unloading of trucks.”

Construction of the new 20’000 m2 warehouse begins first quarter of 2019. However, Tegelgroep Nederland is already ready for the move.

Interior image from TegelgroepAhead of the curve
Back in January 2017, Tegelgroep Nederland had already started their relocation process by deciding on the WMS that would eventually manage operations in their new warehouse. They knew a new WMS would be more cost-effective than a total overhaul of the existing one.

Tegelgroep Nederland had a long list of potential suppliers. Eventually, based on their projected needs in the new warehouse, the list was reduced to only three – one of which was Consafe Logistics.

A familiar and competent partner
Tegelgroep Nederland was already confident in the abilities of Consafe logistics, having SattStore WMS coordinate operations for many years. Therefore, it was no surprise that Consafe Logistics appeared on the short list.

We’ve used SattStore for over 7 years with excellent results,” says Frank. “Moreover, the support we receive from Consafe Logistics personnel is outstanding. They have a pragmatic – no nonsense – attitude and always go the extra mile when needed.

Why Astro WMS®?
Tegelgroep Nederland eventually did decide on Consafe Logistics, choosing their Astro WMS®.

Frank van der Weide, Director of Operations at Tegelgroep Nederland

Frank van der Weide, Director of Operations at Tegelgroep Nederland.

This decision was primarily motivated by the fact that Consafe Logistics was the only provider on the short list able to produce tangible solutions to the myriad challenges presented by Tegelgroep Nederland. The other two suppliers were only able to provide theory.

Another significant factor to their decision-making was the Slotting module. Tegelgroep Nederland knew they would need clearer, optimized picking pathways in the new larger warehouse.

Slotting helped determine the best product placement based on current picking frequency. The slotting module will also prove instrumental in executing future improvements.

We’ve been using Astro WMS® for a year already, and there are no regrets at all about the choice,” comments Frank. “It has proven to be agile, flexible and completely compatible with our ERP. Even without the benefit of the new warehouse, we’re experiencing improved efficiency and effectivity.”

Once in their new warehouse, hopefully in December 2019, Tegelgroep Nederland plans to maximize its use of Astro WMS®, making changes to the way they currently picks orders. This might even include more mechanized deliver-ies of picking orders. However they choose to develop, Astro WMS® will grow with their needs. Consafe Logistics is continuously, and in cooperation with its customers, developing new modules, which become available twice a year when the system is updated.

Tegelgroep logoWholesale and importer Tegelgroep Nederland is the most prominent player in the market for wall and floor tiles, operating with a full distribution network in the Netherlands Ceramic.

Tegelgroep Nederland is a part of the French Saint-Gobain, which employees over 190,000 people in 64 countries and has a yearly turnover of €43B. Saint-Gobain is one of the 100 largest and most innovative companies in the world.