Consafe Logistics has launched its Digital Twin concept, developed in partnership with Xcelgo. This tool will help warehouse and logistics businesses accurately recreate their own systems, and fundamentally improve the way they manage and optimize their processes.

Now, Consafe Logistics’ customers can add even more innovative functionality to their WMS systems with the new Digital Twin concept. With this addition, it’s possible to accurately recreate any warehouse in 3D, even down to the positioning of stock and number of shelving units. This visualisation can improve the way warehouses are managed.

There are three main pillars with the Digital Twin technology – Visualisation, emulation and simulation. Each brings different benefits, but all of them contribute to enhanced optimisation. Visualisation is included as standard from launch, with emulation and simulation available on a project-by-project basis, with prospects of including them as standard in the future.

“Visualisation allows users to see exactly where certain pallets are without having to search a spreadsheet or visit the floor,” says Claes Jönsson, Product Manager, Automation for Consafe Logistics. “Our program will just show what’s needed on the 3D model. This can help operators get a more holistic overview of their warehouse, which can also highlight potential areas for improvement. It is even possible to write your own SQL queries to visually identify pallets and locations in the 3D visual model. Emulation and simulation are there for when the customer wants to take the next steps.”

When implemented, Digital Twin can improve warehouse management for everyone. At its most basic, visualisation offers an overview that’s understandable to anyone, while emulation and simulation can more actively help warehouses run smoother and more efficiently.

Through full integration with Astro WMS®, customers can run highly accurate tests to help improve e.g. stock placement, journey times, and picking processes. Also, operators can see exactly what impact automation will have, and how and where it is best to implement.

“One aspect that really differentiates our solution,” explains Claes, “is the fact that everything is based on actual system functionality rather than assumptions. This means that all results are relevant and applicable in the real-world.”

The Astro WMS® Digital Twin technology represents an exciting leap forward in terms of how businesses can manage their warehouses, and it is available now for all Astro WMS® users.

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