Storage and delivery of fresh, frozen, cooled, and dry products in one Distribution Center.

Udea, a wholesaler of organic products and natural drugstore products, is taking its new fully automated distribution center at the Food Park in Veghel into use this week. Consafe Logistics provided the system to control the automated warehouse, which was developed and delivered by partner Vanderlande.

Earlier this year, Udea merged its warehouses for fresh, dry, and frozen products into one omni-channel distribution center (DC). And now the next step has been realized; automating and mechanizing all processes. The innovative omni-channel distribution center includes the Vanderlande ADAPTO shuttle system with 100,000 locations, transport tracks, shuttles, 8 ergonomic repacking and replenishment stations, 12 picking stations, and 3 temperature zones. To reach optimized efficieny the Astro WMS® is therefore integrated with the ADAPTO “goods to man” system.

Lead Consultant Koen Urselman:

“The challenge was to secure an uninterrupted flow of products to the right place, at the right picking stations, at the right time. A demanding job given the wide range of products that Udea carries: fruit and vegetables, chilled products, dairy products, meat and fish, frozen products, groceries, and personal care products. All those products must be stored and transported under the right conditions, in the right temperature zone, even within the DC. ”

For Erik-Jan van den Brink, Commercial Director at Udea, this means an important step has been taken:

“Udea wants to grow and we need all processes to be completely top-notch, in relation to the product range and market demands. Our market consists of both retailers and consumers who buy and consume very consciously. This means that we too must treat those products with much care. With the new system, jointly developed by Vanderlande and Consafe Logistics, we are setting a new standard for quality and delivery reliability. At the same time, we create a foundation for our ambitions to grow. It is also very important to us that the system is user-friendly and ergonomic for our employees. We are now fully engaged in testing the system. The first results are good. In time, we want to go from 150 to 500 picks per hour. Long term we expect to be more than 5 times faster in the handling of orders compared to the current situation, with far fewer errors. That will make our customers happy. If all goes well, we will achieve our target of 120,000 items per day by the summer of 2021.”

Group picture of people from consage and udea

From left to right: Erik-Jan van den Brink, Director, Udea. Hamish Gordon, Project manager, Vanderlande. Dirk de Vree, Project manager, Consafe Logistics. Erik Does, General Manager, Udea. Raf Koolen, System Architect, Consafe Logistics. Koen Urselman, Lead Consultant, Consafe Logistics.

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