Lund, 2018-11-05

Europe’s leading provider of warehouse management systems, Consafe Logistics, introduces Astro WMS® Express – a streamlined deployment package based on defined processes and a pre-configured system from the best-in-class Astro WMS®.

Factors like flexibility, reliability, traceability and return on investment are critical when choosing a warehouse management system (WMS). But when deployment time is paramount, compromises are common – until now. By using the pre-defined processes from Consafe Logistics 40-year history of best-practice, we can offer an implementation process of our WMS in 60 days or less resulting in an optimal cost/value ratio.

The Consafe Logistics Astro WMS® Express is a pre-configured WMS deployment that is perfect for smaller warehouses (10-50 users) and hubs– in most industries – looking to gain quick and full control of their operations and capture a competitive edge.

Being pre-configured by Consafe Logistics supply chain experts, Astro WMS® Express retains the full flexibility and scalability of Astro WMS®. As customer companies grow, existing and forthcoming WMS modules are easily and quickly integrated. Our solution includes pre-defined processes, pre-configured Astro WMS® system, solution approved hardware and a well-defined deployment process. Everything you need to secure that the customer is successfully up and running within 60 days.

To ensure a well-functioning overall solution In your warehouse, we have also packaged the hardware that Is optimal for use In the processes supported by our Astro WMS® Express. The hardware has been tested and verified along with this release, ensuring a fast startup and trouble-free operation.

Our proven track record within multiple industries, allows us to optimize our customers’ supply chain. With our extensive knowledge we have now packaged all this experience into the Astro WMS® Express concept to quickly deliver reliable, flexible and smart logistics solutions for future-proofing their business” says Henk-Jan van Donkelaar, CSO at Consafe Logistics Group.

With Astro WMS® Express, Consafe Logistics offers a simple, powerful and easy-to-upgrade solution for managing, optimizing and evolving the performance of every warehouse –matching the speed of business.


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