It removes risk and gives companies a failsafe system of support and expertise throughout the lifecycle of all hardware and software.

With suppliers selling hundreds of different types and variations of hardware, it’s tempting to buy products direct to get the best prices. But the whole supply chain industry depends on computers, printers, barcode readers, Wireless LAN etc. working seamlessly with each other and the software.

In our fast-moving business, even an hour of down-time can mean a great loss of money.

Solution Approved. It just works.

Staffan Persson
Hardware Operations Director, Consafe Logistics

At Consafe Logistics we execute several tests on our hardware portfolio to make them Solution Approved so you can be confident that all software, hardware and services work directly„, says Staffan Persson, Hardware Operations Director at Consafe Logistics. “We take care of the whole process, from defining system requirements, implementation, integration, upgrades, support, and the design of the equipment repair process.

Solution Approved is a safer, more cost efficient way to greater warehouse productivity and higher uptime. Consafe Logistics selects and tests few models, sells them at higher volumes, and achieves lower prices. Actually each product is thoroughly tested every six months.

Solution Approved makes sense,” says Staffan. “It removes risk and gives companies a failsafe system of support and expertise throughout the lifecycle of all hardware and software„.

Staffan cites the major benefits of Solution Approved as:

  • Easy to select the best, most efficient hardware for production environments and work places
  • Smooth, low risk implementation projects
  • Best price through high volumes and a “highest partner” status with manufacturers
  • Trouble-free production for years to come. All services are included – from configuration to service and repair
  • Support, service and repair should anything go wrong
  • Future-proof for coming releases of system solutions

Click2Track. Back in production within 24 hours
After years of working with major hardware suppliers and consolidating the correct service and repair agreements (RMA) with them, Consafe Logistics can normally put hardware back in production within 24 hours.

That includes pick-up service, pool handling, image and configuration restore.

We offer full support through our Click2Track system. Once a breakdown is reported, we get immediate notice and initiates the repair process. We make sure manufacturers follow their SLA commitments” says Staffan. “Our statistics even help us be more proactive, continually improving our service levels”.

The right support at your fingertips
While every manufacturer is confident about their own equipment, they can’t be responsible for other equipment their hardware is connected to. The result can be catastrophic for high-volume production and warehouse environments. Often in-house IT professionals don’t have the resources or competence to get everything up and running without having expert product help. And that help may not be available. Our technicians are experts on knowing what equipment works best together, and have hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience in connecting, testing and running systems. The result is minimum downtime and a set of equipment harmonized to work together.

5 reasons for choosing a single supplier for hardware and software

  1. The supplier is responsible for meeting system requirements and making everything work together.
  2. The supplier is tasked with choosing future-proof products.
  3. The supplier designs, implements and follows SLAs for the repair/RMA process (RMA registration, pickup, pool handling, repair, staging and configuration, MDM-system).
  4. The supplier synchronizes development, purchasing, configuration, delivery, installation, testing and go-live in large projects.
  5. The supplier takes full responsibility for support of both SW and HW.

The answer is always to focus on your core business, and solve hardware problems with a simple call to a trusted supplier.

For more information about how Solution Approved hardware, software and services can improve uptime for your business, contact:
Staffan Persson on +46 709 67 24 95