The e-learning platform tailored to your needs

When it comes to system implementation, ensuring proper employee training is fundamental.

Keep your system knowledge up to date with our flexible e-learning platform that provides on-demand training opportunities for every member of your team. By adding the feature, you can benefit from:

  • Quicker onboarding process of new users
  • Lower investment in training activities
  • Continuous access to content and the ability to return to specific parts as often as needed
  • Confirmed system knowledge through certifications
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Astro WMS® Basic

All your employees in contact with Astro WMS® can learn about the warehouse concepts, Astro WMS® terminology, the client interface, and how to work in a standard Astro WMS® system. 

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Astro WMS® Superuser

Superusers and team leaders who should work with understanding, testing, troubleshooting, and setting up Astro WMS® can repeat the Basic training and reinforce their knowledge on how the ERP integration works. They can also learn how to set up different parts of Astro WMS®, from the warehouse location to the flows of goods receiving and goods out.

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Astro WMS® System Admin

Developed for superusers and system administrators, this program includes the Astro WMS® Superuser training and additional learning material on setting up users, mobile units, printers, changing system parameters, and background programs settings.

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