Choosing the proper hardware can change your warehouse processes for the better – and improve profitability as well as user ergonomics. But getting the most efficient hardware solution goes way beyond comparing price lists. It’s all about process knowledge, integration, and long-term thinking.

Why choose hardware
from Consafe Logistics?

  • Know-how

    Benefit from our broad expertise when selecting hardware for your operations.
  • Reliable performance

    Make your implementation seamless with a solution tested and verified with Astro WMS®.
  • Simplicity 

    Get your equipment pre-configured and ready to use.
  • Support

    Save time and energy with a single point of contact supporting both Astro WMS® and your hardware.
  • Low total cost of ownership

    Achieve greater sustainability with durable equipment made to serve you long-term.

Looking to add hardware to your Astro WMS® software?


Find your hardware
solution easily

From voice-directed picking to high-capacity printers, there are many ways you can enhance your warehouse operations with hardware. But what equipment do you really need to achieve your business goals? And how can you assure that Astro WMS® and your hardware will make the best team possible? With more than 40 years of warehouse management know-how, we guide you through the selection process and help you make an informed decision about which device will best support your needs.

Illustration of barcode reader


– Readers covering all applications and environments throughout the supply chain.

Illustration of a computer screen

Full screen

– Integrating industrial hardware into tough environments, resulting in top-class products.

Illustration of a handheld computer for scanning barcodes


– Handheld computers for scan-intensive applications.

Illustration of a printer


– Get the best printing solution for your business.

Illustration of a face with a headset with microphone


– Picking with voice recognition increases productivity and delivery accuracy.

Solution approved hardware by consafe logistics logo

A reliable system setup right from the start

Minimize the risk and time in setting up and verifying your hardware’s technical functionality. We guarantee you reliable performance right from the start by offering Solution-Approved hardware. This means that the product you buy from us is already tested and verified with Astro WMS®, and

  • a specific version of the hardware, OS, and application client
  • with optimized configuration
  • in some cases, with supporting software
  • is running towards a particular version of server software on a specific server platform

Our Solution-Approved portfolio offers you a selected range of hardware from leading hardware partners. All proven to be a perfect fit with Astro WMS® in a warehouse solution.

A warehouse worker drives a truck with a safety vest and headset on

Plug n´ play - offering you simplicity all the way

Any change to your warehouse processes is time-sensitive activity, so it’s only natural that you want to implement it quickly. We offer ready-to-use hardware packages for a number of different processes and activities in your warehouse. No matter if the optimal solution is stationary, truck-mounted, hand-held, or operated by voice. In addition, our plug n’ play architecture ensures you receive your equipment pre-configured.

A green leaf lies on a package

Reach higher sustainability and lower total cost of ownership

Long-term solutions bring the most value to your business, and hardware is no exception. The initial purchase price of, e.g., an enterprise-grade tablet may be higher than commercial-grade. Still, its durable design allows you a sustainable operation with higher productivity, lower operating expenses, and a longer product life cycle, thus decreasing your TCO.

Get full support from one supplier

Your hardware integration journey does not end with the implementation of the project. When your equipment needs maintenance or repair, the right service and support can go a long way to keeping your warehouse resilient and your customers happy. As a single point of contact, we:


  • Support both Astro WMS® and your hardware,
    simplifying your project integration and operations.
  • Can service your device, including the options to get it reinstalled and configured after reset to factory default which often occurs during a hardware service.
  • Keep reference units to provide you with high-level support during transitions.
  • Strengthen visibility with a tracking system, Click2Track, where you can log in and check the status of all your devices and service requests.