Are you looking for a reliable and scalable Warehouse Management System without the need for technical and functional management, and without having to invest in new servers and software licenses? Look no further than Astro WMS® Cloud, our new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Running Astro WMS® Cloud means:

  • Elastic pay-per-use computing power – scale up and down capacity depending on your needs
  • 24/7/365 Availability. Very high guaranteed uptime for cloud servers
  • Infrastructure support 24/7/365
  • Application support No investment costs related to server hardware
  • Possibility to reduce internal IT costs

How you run Astro WMS® Cloud is up to you. We offer Astro WMS® as a SaaS solution with a monthly subscription. Our cloud services are based on Amazon Web Service and itrelieves you of any cloud management duties. Alternatively, you can sign a contract with a private cloud service provider and use that to run our class-leading warehouse management system and pay a monthly subscription for the application. We want to put flexibility first.


The SaaS model has many advantages. You only need to rent server capacity in a data centre rather than purchasing physical servers. You do not need to invest in software licenses, but simply pay a monthly subscription based on the number of users and the modules you use.


Do you prefer a public cloud, would you rather go private? Do you prefer a single database for your entire operation or a separate database for each DC? Consafe Logistics offers you the ability customize your solution to meet your specific needs in this tailored model.


Opting for a cloud-based solution like Astro WMS® Cloud reduces the need for investment in internal IT infrastructure. It’s also a strategic advantage, as your IT department can spend more of its time and competences on actual value-creating IT tasks without spending valuable resources on standard commodity solutions and routine maintenance. Could this be the competitive edge you need?