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For many of our customers, adding automation to their warehouse is a good way to lower costs and keep up with customer demands. But only installing automation equipment isn’t enough. A highly automated warehouse also requires software systems that can handle complex decision-making logic. Such as Astro Warehouse Control System.

The main bottleneck in any warehouse is picking. That’s why many companies invest in some form of automation in their warehouses. Instead of the picker walking to the goods, the goods come to the picker at the right speed and height. The result; lower costs, higher efficiency, and better ergonomics for the pickers. If there is an effective system to manage and control the operations, that is.



The brain and the traffic cop – WMS and WCS in the warehouse

Warehouse management is performed on different levels. While a warehouse management system (WMS) is the brain of the warehouse, continuously steering the movement and storage of goods, the warehouse control system (WCS) manage how tasks are performed, e.g. by cranes, picking stations and other types of automation equipment. In other words, a bit like a police officer directing the traffic in a busy intersection.

If your warehouse uses mostly manual processes and your automation is non-complex, a WMS system might be enough. But the more different types of automation from different vendors and the more complex the solution, the more you will need a WCS.

An illustration explaining how WCS makes warehouse control easy

Astro WCS® makes warehouse control easy

Astro WCS® manage mixed material flows of individual items, cases and pallets within goods handling automation, through functions like:

  • Connection to automation equipment
  • Routing in automated areas
  • Orchestrating automated solutions
  • Flow control
  • User interaction
  • Priority handling within automated areas
  • System monitoring

Astro WCS® has a plug-in architecture that integrates with all modern goods handling automation equipment, and has predefined integrations for most. This gives you the freedom to choose goods handling automation from any vendor. And avoid being tied up with one vendor if you want to expand your goods handling automation with equipment from other suppliers.

White box solution with Astro WCS® and Astro WMS®

Why is it a good idea to choose WMS and WCS from the same supplier? The answer is actually black and white. With Astro WCS® integrated with Astro WMS® you can operate with the same setup and logic in both your manual and automated part of your warehouse. This is what we call a white box solution. Furthermore it secures that you only need to make development in one system and that you can make use of this development in the whole warehouse. This means that however your business evolves, you are set for the future.

Choose your path to effective automation

The level of complexity and degree of automation in your warehouse determines what solution is best for you. With only a few types of non-complex automation only a WMS is the most cost-effective for you. The more different types of automation and the more complex the solution, the more you will need to add a WCS.

Choosing the right path from the beginning is important, but by no means irreversable. And with automation equipment from many different vendors, the benefit of one supplier of both WMS and WCS increases.

Matrix describing how you can use Astro WCS with or without Astro WMS®
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