About us


We are a software development company revolutionizing warehouse management. With more than 40 years of experience in logistics and supply chains, we design products and technologies that increase your profitability by making warehouse operations smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable global companies to operate a sustainable and efficient supply chain that delivers a superior customer experience through a long-term sustainable partnership.

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Our Promise


We are your trusted advisor. With our in-depth expertise in logistics and warehouse automation, we guide you to find the right solutions that best support your business strategy. We will challenge you through the selection and implementation process to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Your input matters! Forget the regular customer-supplier relationship because when it comes to our product roadmap, you can impact the development of our warehouse management system. 


We are committed to building a long-term partnership with you that goes far beyond the implementation phase. We invest 13% of our annual revenue in R&D to continue to offer you cutting-edge technology solutions. We work closely with you through regular meetings and strategic discussions to ensure your growth as planned.

Growth mindset

We support your goals with a growth mindset. We are always eager to learn new ways, draw inspiration from your challenges, and invest time and resources to deepen our warehouse management expertise, thus preparing your business for what´s next.

Facts and figures about us

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million SEK of annual turnover in 2023

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customer sites in more than 30 countries



growth each year
in Astro WMS®

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of exceptional brands and organizations we work with

The brief history
of Consafe Logistics

Our story began in Sweden in 1978. Over the past 40+ years, we have helped many great brands and organizations revolutionize their warehouses. Today Astro WMS® is one of the world’s leading WMS solutions.

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history graph with milestones in the history of Consafe Logistics
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Our owner

Since 2003, we have been part of the JCE Group, a family-owned international investment company with a solid financial background. The Group is primarily active in Europe and the Americas and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company strongly emphasizes sustainability, digitalization, and innovation and supports our ambition to improve our customers' warehouse operations through research and development.

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Our people
and culture

We are a fair employer focusing on equal opportunities, personal development, security, and the wellbeing of our co-workers. Our relationship with them is based on trust and open communication. We continuously strive to create them:

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A diverse and equal workplace

with people from various nationalities and age groups and where men and women are equally represented on every level of the organization

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A workplace for individual growth

that provides our talents with meaningful and empowering career development opportunities

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A safe and healthy workplace

that cares for the wellbeing of people and secures the balance between their work and private life

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An engaging workplace

that nurtures a unique culture where people want to be part of and contribute to our future success

Our core behaviors

We believe our company is defined by our behaviors towards our customers and each other. That is why we build Consafe Logistics´ culture on core behaviors, not values, as most companies do. We can learn behaviors and give feedback on them, which is essential for our development individually and as a community. Our four core behaviors enable us to bring superior value to all stakeholders.

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Strive For Greatness

As the saying goes, success is earned, not given. Whether it is to provide an attractive workplace for our employees, to create more efficient picking solutions for our customers, to maintain close cooperation with our partners, or to be kinder to the environment, we are constantly trying to get better at what we do, stepping out of our comfort zone and learning from our failures.

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Together We Get There

We treat our colleagues, customers, and partners with respect and professionalism. We know that meeting our customers' needs can only be achieved together. So, when they do business with us, they can count on the entire Consafe Logistics community to make their project a success.

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Delivering superior customer value

Understanding the customer's 'job to be done' is key for us. We align our product with their objectives to create a solution that seamlessly integrates into their workflow or aspirations. This approach ensures that our product and expertise enable customers to achieve their goals effectively.

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Be Accountable and Act

We work transparently and care about our customers, partners, and each other. We leave no task unattended and take responsibility for our actions.

Where you find us

You can find our warehouse management software in over 500 warehouses worldwide. We support our global clients from seven European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Our headquarters is in Lund, Sweden. 

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