The logistics business can be challenging. Every single decision matters, and if just one part of the business isn’t as efficient as it could be, the effects are felt along the whole chain. AI can have a positive impact on every element of logistics, and ensure that you’re operating more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.

Improve your
logistics with AI.

The reason for AI to be so effective in this industry is because of the many options for how to handle tasks, and the amount of decisions to be made from the point where an order arrives to when it’s shipped. It can improve automated processes through offering valuable data, which in turn will make AI even more effective. The more you can rely on an intelligent and consistent WMS with AI functionalities to make decisions, the more efficient your processes will be.

AI will revolutionize the way your warehouse is organised, ensuring that items are grouped according to purchase habits rather than the type of product and overall make your operation run smoothly. The packing process will also benefit from AI algorithms, by determining the most cost-efficient way of shipping goods without the need for guesswork, or trial and error. AI is changing the way the logistics industry works and it is not just a solution for today – it secures a better future for your business.

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Systems that develop
alongside your business.

One of the biggest advantages with using AI in logistics is that the algorithms, if set up and configured in the right way, will learn and grow alongside your business. The more data you have, the better they will become, and this applies to whichever area of your business you decide to enhance with AI.

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Smart box calculation.

Box calculation is typically done on the basis of more traditional, linear formulas which take only basic measurements into account. Through Consafe Logistics, you can implement an intelligent algorithm which will ensure every shipment goes out in the most cost-effective, and least wasteful way possible, cutting down on the amount of air being shipped around the items whilst keeping postage costs to a minimum.

Our AI works because of the amount of data we’ve been able to work with. The algorithm quickly works through potential options, and identify the best for each individual shipment. It can be added to any Astro WMS® system, allowing you to feel the benefit of AI as soon as you feel ready.

Pick group optimization – streamlined storage.

Consafe Logistics is proud to offer an innovative add-on module which can revolutionize the way you organize your warehouse. Many logistics businesses organize stock on the same way as retail stores – items are categorized and stored alongside each other. That means that a clothing supplier, for example, may have all shirts in one place, trousers in another, and shoes in another, but this is not the most efficient way to work.

With our AI solution items are stored based on order history, which means shipments will be put together in a more efficient way. Items which are more popular, or are often ordered at the same time, will be made more accessible. This cuts down on the picking time, and reduces the amount of work required within the warehouse. To find out more about how this works, get in touch today.

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Two hands lifting a brown box in to a rack

Pick route optimization.

Maybe you’ve heard of “The Travelling Salesman’s Problem”? It’s a classic optimization problem regarding calculating the shortest possible route between a number of cities. With AI we can use the exact same principle to make your pick routes more effective.

Our add-on module Astro WMS® Pick Route Optimization uses artificial intelligence to calculate the shortest route between all items on the pick list, This means huge time savings, as well as reduced wear and tear on equipment. Not to mention improving employer satisfaction when the pick rounds get more efficient.

The results so far are astonishing, with savings of up to 20-30 % in pick route distance. An important competitive advantage – to meet the market’s ever-increasing demands for fast deliveries.

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Improving logistics with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is changing the way the logistics industry works, and when it’s implemented in the right way it can offer a wide range of benefits. It’s set to become even more influential too, as the systems will constantly learn from big data, which itself is constantly evolving. AI is not just a solution for today – it secures a better future for businesses.

The fundamental goal of AI is to make our day-to-day lives easier. That can be through reducing the potential for human error, identifying opportunities based on facts and data, machine learning, or even driving intelligent automation. What you get from AI is very much dependent on what you need in the first place.

The potentially immediate benefits of implementing AI into your Warehouse Management System (WMS) include increases in efficiency, and saving on certain costs. This depends on which systems you opt for, and how you decide to work with them.

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