Lund, 2018-11-05

Astro WMS® Mobile Companion brings all the information warehouse and logistics managers need directly to their fingertips.

Consafe Logistics has today launched the Astro WMS® Mobile Companion app that lets warehouse personnel monitor warehouse operations anytime, from anywhere on their mobile. Get important Information pushed to the device when needed through build-in notifications. Being able to instantly access warehouse performance and analytical data in real-time enables people to quickly react to situations, increasing productivity and efficiency.

The Mobile Companion displays business critical information from Astro WMS®, but it can also be extended to visualize information from any other data source.

Warehouse managers need to constantly know what’s happening in the supply chain so they can make better decisions faster. This smart mobile app is connected to OpView, which not only displays real-time information from Astro WMS®, but from other systems throughout the goods flow process. The automatic push function automates the delivery of the most business-critical information, so people can quickly take steps to counter or profit from whatever situation arises. It makes decision making and actioning on insights so much quicker.” says Stefan Svedberg, Product Manager, Product Development, Consafe Logistics


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